BCEIA Photo Winner!

Blue Max was one of the winners of BCEIA's annual "Members at Work" photo contest!  Click here for our winning photo.


AME RoundUp Presenter

Blue Max is proud to host students as part of the 2018 RoundUp "Student Guide to a Career in Exploration"


Heli-Sonic Drill Rig

Meet the newest addition to the fleet.  This heli-sonic drill rig has been field tested on a large geotechnical project in 2016, and is now again ready for work for the 2018 field season!

october 2017

UBC Hydrogeology Field School

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Hydrology Field







  • Sonic Rigs: Truck and Track
  • Auger/Air/Mud/Coring: Truck/Track
  • Limited / Restricted Access Track Rigs
  • Heli Portable Track Rig
  • Geoprobe Direct Push Track Rig
  • Hand portable Sampling Equipment 
  • Vacuum Truck (Vactor)
  • Concrete Coring Equipment
  • Roto-Hammer Drills
  • Sampling Boat
  • Borehole Drilling, Environmental

  • ​Borehole Drilling, Geotechnical

  • ​Rock Coring (NQ, HQ, PQ)

  • Well / Standpipe Installations

  • Geotechnical Installations

  • Cone Penetration Testing (CPT)

  • Chemical Injection Services

  • Soil Vapour Installations

  • Soil Vapour Leak Testing

  • ​Concrete Coring

  • Daylighting (Vacuum Truck)


     SONIC   |   AUGER   |  ODEX   |   MUD   |   CPT   |   GEOPROBE   |   ROCK CORING   |   LTD. ACCESS   |   SOIL VAPOUR   |   DAYLIGHTING 



From sonic soil coring to geotechnical rock coring, Blue Max has experience in all kinds of geotechnical and exploration assessments at mine sites.   Also, we have been involved in many placer gold investigations across BC utilizing sonic core sampling.

If you need that specific monitoring instrument or foundation installation, using that specific grout mix, that's where you need experience and versatility, exactly what Blue Max can provide.  Need cathodic protection anode installations, we do that too!


Sure, many can provide an auger rig and collect SPT information - it's the time when auger drilling just won't do - that's when you call Blue Max Drilling.  We offer a full compliment of air, mud, coring and sonic sample collection options for that complex geotechnical assessment in difficult conditions.


Welcome to Blue Max Drilling (Blue Max Environmental Drilling Inc.), an environmental, geotechnical and exploration drilling service provider with a presence across BC. We have a head office in Vancouver, BC (Surrey) and permanent operations in the Terrace-Kitimat-Prince Rupert region, on Vancouver Island in Courtenay, as well as key management staff in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. 

We provide drilling solutions for soil, soil vapour (soil vapor, or soil gas) and groundwater assessments at contaminated sites, full geotechnical drilling for preliminary and detailed geotechnical site assessments, and exploration drilling at placer deposits and coal exploration projects.  Our truck and track rigs can be used for conventional environmental and geotechnical assessments, using auger, Geoprobe (direct-push), sonic drilling, ODEX drilling, mud rotary or diamond drilling (rock coring). We also carry limited access drill units that can fit through a door or at remote access sites. We provide vacuum truck daylighting, chemical injection services, even soil vapour leak testing and sampling. We can provide a wide range of environmental services beyond those of a standard drilling contractor.

If there's a sample that needs to be collected, in whatever the soil type, wherever the location, Blue Max Drilling has the solution.  There are leaders, and then there's everyone else. At Blue Max Drilling Inc., we take immense pride in driving the industry standards forward.