As a contractor in the world of drilling, we need to make sure each and every one of our members gets home safely every day. To this end, we are proud to display that we are a COR (Certificate of Recognition) certified company (Large COR)! We are taking this certification seriously and are always striving to arm our employees with the information and training they need to succeed at safety.




Our safety program is one that is always changing, just like every jobsite we go to. With ever-changing working environments, Blue Max strives to always focus our attention on new ideas, procedures and policies. To prepare ourselves for whatever we encounter, Blue Max always initiates new employee training and orientation and constant training upgrades and renewals throughout our staff's career.

​When lessons are learned, a near miss occurs, or when an incident is identified, full assessment, follow up and corrective action is taken each and every time.

St. John's Ambulance First Aid
POST Training
CN Contractor Training
e-Rail Safe
IOL Health & Safety Training
Fire Extinguisher
H2S Alive  
Ground Disturbance
PICS Contractors Database
Drug and Alcohol Testing
Fall Protection
​Power System Safety Protection (PSSP)

Safety is everyone's goal, and to achieve a safe work environment, the pursuit of constant improvement in quality lays the foundation for a continued safe work environment.

​Blue Max Drilling is committed to the following goals:

• Aim for recognition from our clients and the industry as a leader in innovative solutions for a wide range of environmental, geotechnical and geothermal projects
• The pursuit of manageable growth and profitability through the delivery of quality drilling services• Continuously improve our processes and the effectiveness of our employee, equipment and internal procedures
• Manage and control risks in a systematic manner

To accomplish our goals, Blue Max strives to:

• Apply high standards for well maintained and efficient equipment
• Maintain, update and record safety records, equipment repairs and incident reporting in a manageable, easy-to-use format
• Comply with applicable laws and regulations
• Promote a culture that supports our commitment to safety, including up-to-date safety training
• Coach our employees in understanding how their activities influence the quality of services
• Continuously offer and promote employee professional development training
• Use trusted and proven suppliers with proven track records
• Continuously monitor our performance and relentlessly pursue improvements in every aspect of our work
• Encourage feedback from employees, clients, regulators and other stakeholders on ways to improve
​• Drive continual improvement of quality through open communication


Safety is everyone's responsibility, and we at Blue Max take that on responsibility every day, for every task. 

The Safety Mission Statement for Blue Max Drilling is:

"Think Safe: every day on every task."