Diamond Drilling Rock Coring

From BQ to PQ, and all rock coring sizes in between (well, just NQ and HQ), Blue Max has you covered at your next bedrock investigation.  Many of our rigs have rock coring capabilities to prove and investigate bedrock, and some heli-portable options are built solely for diamond drilling purposes.  Do you need oriented core or packer testing, we can do that too!


Anode Drilling / Grounding Well Installations Using Multiple Drill Methods

Blue Max Drilling has years of experience installing anodes in a variety of soil types, using a variety of drill methods, at a variety of locations across the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. Using cased and uncased holes, backfilling with grout or carbon (coke) based materials, Blue Max has the experience to install a wide range of anodes for pipelines, underground storage tanks (USTs), above ground storage tanks (ASTs), infrastructure utility lines or other applications.

​Blue Max uses grout systems to provide exact placements when pumping coke for the anode beds.

Grounding wells are another category that Blue Max has experience in across BC.  


Water Pressures, Water Levels, Potentiometric Surfaces, Slope Stability and Settlement Monitoring

Blue Max staff have extensive experience installing geotechnical instrumentation in various soil conditions across Western Canada. Our instrumentation installations include: fully grouted vibrating wire piezometers, pneumatic piezometers, Casangrande piezometers, standpipes, inclinometers (slope indicators) and settlement gauges.


Geotechnical Testing During Drilling with Field Vanes

Shear Vane Testing is a common request, and at Blue Max we've completed Field Vanes, Nilcon Vanes, and other specialty vane testing.  Coupled with CPT data in clay soils, vane testing for soil shear strength is an important data point to have.


Landfill Gas Wells (LFGs), Barhole Surveys, Methane Monitoring

From installing large diameter landfill gas wells (LFGs) to quick barhole methane surveys, Blue Max has you covered at landfill projects. With extensive experience at landfills in Kitimat, Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland, Blue Max has completed various successful projects.

Vactor Hydro-Vac Truck

Our tandem axle hydro-vacuum truck is set up so a crew can mobilize to a site with just this unit or in combination with a drill rig.   The tandem axle vacuum truck is a full service truck, capable of daylighting down over 6m (20 ft) deep. We can perform sewer clean outs and storage tank cleaning services as well as standard daylighting and water management.

Note - we always carry our jackhammer on board for surface breaking.


Standard Diameter Concrete Coring Services

Blue Max has a full suite of concrete coring bits to fulfil any surface breakthrough needs.  Concrete, asphalt, ceramic or polished tile, we can get through it all with our Milwaukee core drill and stand.  Asphalt breaking and coring can be completed by our drill rigs, coring barrels or jackhammer.  Even thick slabs are no issue as we can core with extension rods for slabs over 16" thick. We have the following core barrel sizes: 2", 3”, 4”, 10" and 12"

Completed by Geoscientist Staff 

Blue Max performs full soil vapour leak testing services for probes that we install.  An electronic report with tabulated leak test data results and soil vapour probe construction details are included in this service.  The probe surface seal integrity and possible short-circuiting of atmospheric air is tested by introducing a tracer gas around the probe at the contact with the ground surface and then monitoring the soil gas for the presence of the tracer. Helium (He) gas, supplied from a local source, is used as the tracer gas.  Helium leak testing is conducted in accordance with BC MOE accepted protocols derived largely from BC Science Advisory Board methods. Alternative 

Soil Vapour Drilling Experts

Blue Max has adopted the leading technical literature recommendations in its soil vapour probe installation procedures.  From sub-slab probes, screening-level temporary probes, semi-permanent probes to permanent, conventional soil vapour probe installs, Blue Max does it all! Blue Max can help demystify the world of soil vapour.  We can help design a surface cap and fitting set-up that matches your vapour sample train design, explore soil vapour data collection options for shallow water table sites, and provide multiple installation options and diameters for every soil vapour need.

​Installation nomenclature is still changing: some common names given to installations are: Soil Vapour Probes (permanent or temporary),  Soil Vapour Wells, Vapour Probes, Sub-Slab Soil Vapour Probes, Sub-Asphalt Soil Vapour Probes, and Temporary Slab Vapour Probes (for high water table locations).  Whatever the name, just know that Blue Max has installed one before!

In-Situ Environmental Remediation Solution - No Soil Excavation Required

Blue Max has full chemical injection capabilities with direct push drilling injections or through injection wells installed with conventional drilling methods.  Along with the drill rig, the following component parts are commonly brought to the project site: support trailer, injection pumps, hoses, tank/hopper, quick connect fittings, spill response kit, and all appropriate PPE (i.e. respirators, tyvek suits, rubber gloves)

Blue Max has experience in the following types of remediation injection chemical projects: ORC, HRC, RegenOx, Potassium Permanganate (KMnO4), Other oxidants, nutrients, electron acceptors, and microbial population amendments

In-Situ testing for Soil Stratigraphy, Relative Density, Groundwater Pressures

Blue Max Drilling and our specialty CPT partners have full CPT, CPTu and SCPT (Vs and Vp) data collection with state-of-the-art CPT downhole equipment. Blue Max is able to perform a full service CPT program for your next geotechnical site investigation - complete with data interpretation and report. 

​Do you need MIP or LIF data for rapid site investigation work?  Please contact Blue Max to see how we can help!

Soil Classification and Soil Mechanics Testing

Blue Max has vast amounts of experience in geotechnical soil sampling in overburden using solid and hollow stem augers, air and mud rotary drilling, split spoon samplers and sonic soil sampling.  Soil information is collected as part of visual analysis of auger and spoon samples, as well as SPT blow counts, DCPTs, CPT, Vane shear testing and Shelby tube collection.

WELL / Standpipe Piezometer installations

Water Level, Water Quality and Potentiometric Surface Information

From <1" monitoring wells to 6"+ dewatering wells, Blue Max can install many types of PVC or stainless steel water well installations.  



Soil Classification and Soil Chemistry Testing

Soil sampling is a primary focus of any environmental subsurface investigation, and  Blue Max has the capabilities to meet your soil sampling needs with many sampling options: solid and hollow stem augering, air and mud rotary drilling, Geoprobe direct-push samplers, split spoon samplers and sonic soil sampling.

  • Borehole Drilling, Environmental

  • ​Borehole Drilling, Geotechnical

  • ​Rock Coring (NQ, HQ, PQ)

  • Well / Standpipe Installations

  • Geotechnical Installations

  • Geotechnical in-situ Sampling

  • Cone Penetration Testing (CPT)

  • ​Cathodic Protection

  • ​Landfill Services

  • Chemical Injection Services

  • Soil Vapour Installations

  • Soil Vapour Leak Testing

  • ​Concrete Coring

  • Daylighting (Vacuum Truck)


We don't typically engage in hyperbole, but we will say that no matter what test drilling problem you have, we've already been part of the solution.


When you've been in business as long as we have and faced technology's increasingly rapid developments, you learn a few things. Or, in our case, more than a few.  We have simple, ready-to-implement solutions for almost every problem.  And, if you bring us something new, our drillers and geoscientists would love to work with you to find the solution.

We provide the widest range in test drilling methods around: auger, sonic, air rotary (ODEX), mud rotary, direct push Geoprobe, and rock coring (NQ, HQ, PQ).  We offer full geotechincal instrumentations and CPT capabilities with many of our rigs.  From our roots providing premium soil vapour services, including soil vapour leak testing and sampling and soil vapour remediation system construction, we offer chemical injection services, concrete coring and vacuum truck daylighting to round us off as likely the most versatile test drilling company around!